In response to several enquiries and questions about the booking system carrying on indefinitely I can tell you the members that we are actively in talks with a third party booking app supplier who will give us the security we need going forward. At the moment we have 1 outlet in Plymouth selling our books and day/guest tickets and one in Liskeard. The plain facts are that the world we live in is changing rapidly tackle shops are closing at an alarming rate due to pressure from online tackle sales and we could easily be in a position of not having any outlets selling our books. The app we are looking at will give us total control whilst still allowing members to change there minds if they arrive at there chosen swim and find they don't like it. Likewise with online book sales we hope to be able to offer paypal and card purchases of memberships via the app and our website. People without online access will also be catered for. We are tentatively looking at going live with this on the 1st. of Oct for bookings and before the end of the year for memberships. I know this is going to unlock an avalanche of questions but please be patient, we need to work out the last few tweeks so we are not going to answer 200 questions before we have the 100% finished system in place. When it goes live you will be informed by email / online and/or by post and there will be plenty of us able to answer questions on the clubs media.

Bill Cox secretary, P.A.D.C.A.C

For and on behalf of the Committee.