18th May 2020


Committee notice to all members

Padcac Club Statement Regarding Return To Fishing

Following the easing of more of the Covid19 restrictions the committee have come to the following decisions.

(Please note that all changes and temporary rules are subject to change and will be reviewed monthly)

The Lakes at Cadover, Filham and St. Germans are open again. Fishing is by pre-booking only.

Cadover and Filham can be booked through Mark Chanter (Club Treasurer)

St. Germans can be booked through Tom Dolman (Head Bailiff St. Germans)

Please see the new rules (Below), concerning bookings.

Overnight Fishing is now allowed and should be booked in the usual way. No more than two days can be booked and can be subject to change

Fishing Mayham and Robs Baits have reopened and are selling Memberships but not Day Tickets (See Memberships and Day Ticket Section)

Watermark Remains Closed

Guest Tickets are again available, and can be purchased through Mark Chanter (Club Treasurer)These can be purchased by phone and paid for online, Mark will scan the ticket with the date and agreed peg number. Only full members can purchase Guest Tickets and the member must fish in the usual way respecting Covid 19 rules. £6.25 for dawn to dusk, and £10.00 for 24 hours

In an effort to comply as far as possible with the government’s Covid 19 safety restrictions and also mindful of the Angling trust guidelines fishing is permissible only under the following conditions. These rules will come into effect immediately and will need to be adhered to at all times until the situation eases when we may be able to relax some more of them.The current booking system is to keep to the Governments test and traceability objectives

The toilets are now open.

Cadover locks will remain the same. When you get to the lakes you will see certain swims cordoned off and or with notices on them saying closed to fishing.

Pegs closed at Filham are 2, 5, 6, 10, 14, 18, 20, 22, 24

Pegs closed at Cadover are Main lake 5, 6, 9, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,

Weedy all pegs are open bar the middle of the three swims on the roadside bank.

Carpark 2, 3,( No 1 being the corner swim below the road, numbers running clockwise)

Lower lake All the far bank swims except peg 3, 7, 11

Please take the time to read the posters and notices at the lakes, have your club books with you ( with photo inserted) and your wipes and sanitizer and be prepared to produce them if asked by a bailiff.


1. Hand sanitizer and wipes Must be carried and used before and after using the locks and gateways at the lakes. You must have it and be able to produce it if challenged by a bailiff.

2. Social distancing (2mtrs) must be observed at all times, when on pathways you must move to the side to allow passing.

3. Only one adult allowed on a swim, double swims such as those at lower lake and Filham will now be classed as single swims. An adult can Fish with his own child if they live together.

4. Only members who have pre-booked can fish.

5. Said members can only fish the swim they have booked. No changing swims.

6. Bookings to be made between 09.00hrs and 21.00hrs.

7. Bookings by telephone only! No texts or messaging. Tom and Marks numbers are in your club books.

8. Keep nets are now allowed so small groups can have impromptu matches if they wish

9. St Germans has now re-opened for fishing

10. These rules are not negotiable and will be enforced. Any breach you will be asked to leave the lake. Also you may incur further sanctions depending on the seriousness of the breach.

11. The above rules supersede some of the current rules where that is will be obvious; all other club rules still apply.