There will be a 1 pegging fee for all matches held on PADCAC waters

All matches will be fished to club membership rules and the model NFA rules at the Match and Assistant Match Secetary's descretion

The match secretary will keep an auditable annual record of all money transfers updated monthly. A copy may be requested at any time and will be produced within 14 days of the request

In addition the following rules will apply at the Match Secetary's discretion on the day

ALL CARP OF 5lbs.and over are to be weighed in and released immediately. Any competior found with carp over the net at the end of the match will be disqualified, and given a DNF which will not be allowed to be dropped.Persistant offenders will be suspended from entering club matches for the rest of the season.

All entrants are to be Senior Members of the club over 16 years of age by the first match and in possession of a current EA licence. (CHECKS WILL BE MADE)

Juniors may fish but must be accompanied at all times by parent or guardian.

Juniors will not be allowed to enter the pools or the golden peg

Junior and guest senior competitor's results will be scored seperately from the main league results

Juniors must share pegs with their Parent/Guardian or choose from any remaining pegs if any after the draw

Parents/Guardians wishing to fish the next peg to their Son or Daughter must draw a peg with an adjacent free peg after the main draw


All Pools and Golden Peg will be Optional

League Matches will be scored as follows

The person with the least amount of points in each series will be declared the winner, second, third, etc, etc

A blank will constitute last position in that particular match, but you will still be awarded points ie: if 15 anglers turn out to fish, and there is a "no weigh/blank" that person will be awarded 15 Points. If 2 or more people "blank" they will all score equal points for the effort of turning up and "having a go"

If there is a tie on points for any position at the end of the series, that position will then be determined, and the placing will be awarded to the person with the highest aggregate weight


Pools monies for the matches over the evening league are totally optional, so don't let this put you off. The pools willbe 4.00 per match, and will be paid out on a 50%, 30%, 20% basis for1st, 2nd and 3rd. For matches of 6 anglers or less the amount will be 60%, 40% basis for 1st and 2nd only.


There will be a Golden Peg running throughout both leagues, which is optional and will cost 1.00 per match

The "Golden Peg" will as follows

After the main draw for the match, the pegs that are drawn and which have been entered into the "Golden Peg" will bd placed in a seperate bag, and a peg will be drawn to determin who has the Golden Pag for that particular match

Golden Peg money will be capped at 50.00. If the Golden Peg has not been won once the total has reached 50.00, then a second Golden Peg will come into force

The angler who has been drawn Golden Peg has to come in 1st position to take the Golden Peg money. If there is more than one Golden Peg running the angler who has been drawn which ever Golden Peg and wins the match, will take that particular pot. eg. ....1st Golden Peg 50.00

2nd. Golden Peg 15.00, if the angler who has been nominated for the 2nd Golden Peg wins the match, he or she will pick up first position money 15.00

PADCAC Wednesday Evening Summer League 2020

There will be a series of 7 matches at both Cadover and Filham this comming summer. They will be run seperately, so don't feel that you are obligated to fish both leagues. They will be open to all members of the club, although numbers will be limited to the number of pegs available at both venues

Please don't be put off from "having a go" as these matches are a light hearted affair with a competitive element thrown in, which is totally optitional (pools money

The draw for the matches will be at 17.00 or 5.00pm (whichever flicks your switch) and the all in will be at 17.45 or (5.45pm) and the all out will be at 20.45 (8.45pm). Anyone turning up after the draw will be drawn a peg by the organiser who will carry the draw bag with them after the draw. (They will not be eligible for the Golden Peg for that particular match)

There will be 18 places at Filham and 22 places at Cadover. Names will be taken for places and will operate on a 'first come first served' basis. and as we all know from previous experience the amount of people that book in at the start of the series rarely finish,so even if you can only make one or two don't hesitate to call for availability of places up to the Tuesday evening before the match. A 'no show' of people entering and booking to to fish the series, without informing the Match Sec or Assistant Match Sec will deem that place open to any person who wishes to fish the next match.

There will be 7 matches at each venue and the best 5 of the 7 matches will count for points for the overall position in that respective series. Points will be awarded as follows:-

1st 1 Point

2nd 2 Points

3rd 3 Points, etc etc


Scales will be placed in an appropriate position. Anyone who catches a fish that requires weighing, will have to collect them, weigh the fish and be witnessed by a neighbouring angler, and keep a record until the competition ends. If any other angler requires the scales during the match, the person who has them, takes the scales to whoever requires them and witnesses the catch, and so on.


Fish freindly keep nets only please

Those of you who have 2 keep nets could you please use them both, ie.silver fish and carp kept seperate. Bream over 3 lbs can be put in your carp keep net.

No carp estimated to be 5lbs. in weight are to be placed in the keep net