(1) The club shall be called the PLYMOUTH AND DISTRICT COARSE ANGLING CLUB (PADCAC) Here after known as the club


2 To co-operate, with the E.A., Riparian owners and other clubs and associations in matters affecting fishing interests. To stock and assist in re-stocking club waters. To acquire rights, and generally, to promote the sport of all its members and to safeguard the interests of the club. In addition to any other powers it may have the committee has the following powers in order to further these objectives. (But for no other purpose).

To raise funds to buy, take on, lease or in exchange hire or otherwise acquire any property and maintain it for use. To sell, lease or dispose of all or any part of the property belonging to P.A.D.C.A.C.

In exercising this power the committee must comply with the objectives of P.A.D.C.AC’s constitution. To borrow money and to charge the whole or any part of the properties belonging to P.A.D.C.A.C as security for repayment of the monies borrowed. In exercising this power the committee must comply with the objectives of P.A.D.C.A.C as laid down in its constitution. In the event of Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club ever ceasing to be a club the committee will elect a winding up sub committee to oversee said dissolution. All assets of P.A.D.C.A.C both in possessions and in cash shall be donated to either another suitable fishing club with similar aims and objectives to our own or to a worthy charitable body to be decided by the winding up committee and ratified by the full committee ..”


3) The club shall consist of: - Life Members, Senior / Full Members & O. A. P’s. Hereafter known as FULL MEMBERS and JUNIOR MEMBERS

3.1) Membership of the club shall be open to all persons who complete or have completed for them on their behalf an online application form and pay the current annual subscription fee, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of angling as a sport Completion of the membership application form constitutes an agreement to abide by the constitution, codes of practice, policies and rules that the club has adopted.

3.2) The membership confirmation document and photo id card remain the property of the club and are subject to withdrawal if a member is deemed by the committee to be in serious breach of the clubs rules.

4) Membership will be restricted to a fixed number decided by the committee, but this can be changed at any time by the committee to suit ruling conditions.

5) All Members (senior, OAP and junior) will pay an Annual subscription fee as set by the AGM, see tariff page for current rates of fees. Joining should be done via ibook our online platform. Members not able to get online can still join via ibook by contacting one of the ibook admins. Members will furnish the secretary with an online photograph via email or messenger within 28 days of joining, this will need to clearly show the members face. The secretary will use this to issue the member a photo id card which should be carried at all times whilst fishing club waters. Fees are due on a 12 month rolling basis meaning memberships will last 12 months from date of purchase. The subscription for OAP members will be half that of a Full Membership on January 1st. Life Members and Serving committee members will not pay a subscription this will be deemed paid from club funds. Members joining prior to the 1st of January will be entitled to fish from date of purchase. A junior member shall be a person who has not attained the age of 17 as of the 1st of January in that membership year. Junior members will pay the fee shown on the tariff page but not the joining fee irrespective of when they join. Full members (seniors) are members who are already between the ages of 17 and 65 on the 1st of January in the joining year OAP are members who are already 65 or older on the 1st of January in the joining year. Juniors under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on or around the lakes. Spouses / partners of full members shall be entitled to fish free of charge when accompanied by said members

Note- It is the personal responsibility of all members to ensure they comply with all E.A licence requirements, National and Local By-laws, which form part of the rules of the club.

6) All members guests fishing our waters will pay the fee listed in the tariff page for the duration being fished. Bought in advance from one of the outlets listed. The ticket must be on there person whilst fishing and can only be purchased by the bona fida member for their guests, the senior member is responsible for their guests whilst on our waters and must be present.

7) Life membership shall be granted to club members who have rendered outstanding service to the club. Life members shall have all the rights and privileges of Full members.

8) No person shall be deemed a member of the club, or entitled to vote at any meeting until their subscription for the current year has been paid, or be elected to any office, or become a member of the committee or exercise any of the privileges accorded to members. Members may be required to show their membership ticket before admission to the AGM or any general or special meeting.

9) The management of the club shall be in the hands of the committee Consisting of:- Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, ass secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, ass match secretary, Specimen Officer, and up to fifteen other members. (Hereafter called the officers) The committee shall have the power to co-opt ordinary members to assist the committee if by attending a committee meeting the said member’s knowledge is to the advantage of the club. Save the co-opted members have no power to vote.

10) The officers and members of the committee shall be elected at the AGM and hold office until the next AGM


11) The AGM will be held in NOVEMBER of each year at venue and time decided by the committee.

12) All nominations or resolutions for the AGM must be submitted to the secretary in writing and duly proposed and seconded prior to the previous committee standing down at the AGM

13) The committee meetings will be held on date and venues to be decided at the previous committee meeting

14) General meetings will be held monthly in 2023 either face to face or via Zoom on the dates and locations below.

Thursday 16th March 2023 at Parkway Social Club

Monday 3rd April 2023 via Zoom

Thursday 18th May 2023 at Parkway Social Club

Thursday 15th June 2023 Via Zoom

Thursday 20th July 2023 at Parkway Social Club

Thursday 17th August 2023 via Zoom

Thursday 21st September 2023 at Parkway Social Club

Thursday 19th October 2023 via Zoom

Thursday 16th November at Parkway Social Club

All Committee meetings are open to all members, in the case of Zoom meetings please contact the club secretary or to be sent the Zoom Code

15) A special meeting may be held at any time if called by not less than ten members on giving fourteen days clear notice thereof in writing to the secretary. Stating the purpose for which such meeting is called. No business shall be discussed at any special meetings other than of which notice shall be given. The committee shall have the power to summon a special meeting at anytime on giving seven days notice.

16) The chairman or vice chairman shall preside at all meetings of the club but should they be indisposed a chairman may be elected by the management committee from those present at the time. The chairman shall not have a vote except, in the event of equality of votes at any committee meeting the chairman shall have the casting vote.

17) A quorum of 5 members shall be required for any committee meeting. Minutes shall be taken of all proceedings of all the committee and shall be open to inspection by any member of the club applying to the secretary there o

18) The committee shall have the power to replace any committee member that fails to attend 3 successive committee meetings without due cause.

19) All agreements on behalf of the club approved by the committee shall be entered into by the following members, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary. (herein known as the “trustees”). Should circumstance dictate and with the agreement of the full committee retiring Chairman, Treasurers and secretary’s may stay on as trustees.

20) The club shall take out third party insurance as it shall deem necessary.


21) The accounts shall be made up by 31st of April in every year and produced to the committee and members attending the May meeting, and be audited by any two members of the club prior to the AGM

22) The treasurer shall furnish an account to every AGM covering the clubs finances from the previous AGM up to the date of the current AGM.

23) The treasurer shall keep a true account of all monies expended and received by them and furnish a report to every committee member

24) The moneys of the club shall be banked in the name of the club

25) All cheques shall be signed by two of the following officers Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, or Match Secretary

26) No officer shall authorise expenditure in excess of £50.00 without committee approval.

27) The clubs books of accounts pass books, and all other documents relating to the clubs finances shall be open to inspection by any member of the club applying to the treasurer.


28) All disputes arising between members as to matters connected with the club shall be referred to and settled by the committee whose decision is final.

29) If the conduct of any member in the opinion of the Committee be injurious to interest and character of the club, the committee after a fair hearing shall be empowered to expel or suspend them from the club.

30) Any Member who shall cease to be a member of the club for whatever cause shall have no claim upon the property of the club. Nor have any part of the subscription returned.

31) Membership of the club shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the clubs constitution, rules and by laws as in force and operation


32) The clubs constitution shall not be altered and no new rules shall be made, nor any of the rules herein contained or hereafter to be made shall be amended, altered or rescinded without three fourths of the votes cast by those full members present at the AGM or special general meeting convened for that purpose. For avoidance of doubt an abstention shall not be treated as a cast vote.

33) The committee shall have the power to amend alter or add to the clubs By-laws, such by laws to be in force immediately on approval by the committee. Except in extreme circumstances all proposed by-law changes will be proposed and discussed and then deferred until the next meeting when they will be further discussed and voted upon. Committee members absent from the first meeting to be informed in writing of the proposals. This to be done prior to the second meeting.

34) Any member shall be entitled to approach the committee to alter amend or add to any club by laws

Club Bylaws

Membership and Permits, Committee and Officers

1. Membership is restricted to holders of PADCAC current permits in the holders name and holding said permit is deemed acceptance of its rules.

2. A current statutory EA rod licence must be held by all members whilst fishing club waters and upon request, must show this to any club bailiff or committee member. Members are reminded that two licences are required to fish with 3 rods when permitted i.e. 1st October to 14th March...

3. All anglers must on request produce their club membership to any official or club member and allow their catches of fish or tackle they have in use at the time to be inspected by such a person. Members are obliged to co-operate with PADCAC bailiffs when asked to do so.

4. Junior members (under 17) who are under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. An adult need not be a PADCAC member but if they’re not they are not permitted to fish. No junior member may fish overnight unless accompanied by a Full member.

5. Without prejudice, PADCAC reserves the right to refuse membership and may, at the committee’s discretion, ban membership rights of any member found to be in serious breach of the clubs rules.

6. All disputes in the affairs of PADCAC shall be referred to the committee to seek a decision. PADCAC is not liable for any claims made by members arising from a member’s negligence or that of a third party.

7. Decisions made by PADCAC will only be authorised via the committee. Where a matter affects the constitution of PADCAC, an annual general meeting (AGM) will be convened to determine the issue and a decision made.

8. The officers of PADCAC (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary & any other member of the committee) shall not incur any personal liability for any duties properly carried out on behalf of PADCAC and any officer so acting shall be indemnified from club assets.

Fish care

9. All fish (including Eels) in club waters remain the property of PADCAC and fishing methods are restricted to rod and line only. The use of Gaffs is strictly prohibited and all fish must be returned to the water alive.

10. No person shall leave rods unattended at any time.

11. All hooks must be barbless and treble hooks are strictly prohibited.

12. All members must carry and use where appropriate a carp landing net (minimum size 30” ), and a suitable padded unhooking mat whilst fishing club waters. (The only exemption to the 30” Rule being the Tench / Crucian lake at Cadover). ALL fish over 6 ounces must be netted and not swung in, All fish to be landed and unhooked safely and in accordance with club rules no fish are to be unhooked in the water. Fish should be left in nets to recover whilst you organise weighing equipment/camera etc…

13. All nets and keepnets must be Carp friendly and bear the official Carp friendly logo. Keepnets shall have a top ring of no less than 12 inches diameter and be a minimum of 6 feet in length.

14. All Carp over 3lb must be returned immediately after capture and can only be placed in to wet sacks for weighing in purposes only. All sacks shall be perforated industrial nylon in construction and be a minimum size of 36” by 36”.


15. Excessive noise or disturbance to others is strictly prohibited. Radios may only be used at low volume.

16. Excessive ground bait must not be thrown into the water after fishing ceases.

17. Fishing from boats on PADCAC waters is strictly prohibited.

18. All dogs must be kept tethered on a short tether within the confines of your own swim or on a lead whilst on club waters. Members are reminded to keep to designated paths ensuring that all gates are closed/locked behind them.

19. Fishing is only permitted from officially recognised swims/pegs. A swim/peg shall be half way to the adjacent swim and half way across the lake. No line should pass beyond these points. The Beach (Cadover main lake) is a winter only swim.

20. Bait Boats are permitted, however members must use these responsibly and stay within the confines of the swim/peg they are fishing.

Note: All members are asked to carry a fish skin abrasion treatment such as klinic. Any fish carrying spawning marks, Heron/Cormorant damage, ulcers or skin damage of any kind should be liberally treated. This club belongs to all

Bylaws continued

21. Setting up/leaving of equipment in one swim whilst stalking or fishing from another is strictly prohibited. Members or their tackle may occupy one swim at a time. Stalking may only be carried out as a strictly mobile exercise and only from a vacant swim. Strict care must be taken not to interfere in any way with anyone already fishing the lake.

22. All litter and discarded line must be removed from PADCAC waters and swims are to be left clean and tidy. Any litter in the vicinity of a members swim shall be deemed to be their responsibility and must be removed; Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action against offenders.

21. No camping tents or fires allowed on club waters. No damage to trees or cutting of water lilies on PADCAC waters unless duly authorised by a club official.

24. Drinking of alcohol on and around Padcac waters is permitted in moderation to all members over 18 Please remember that alcohol taken to excess around our waters may well lead to disturbance to others and dangerous and unsafe occurrences. Anyone caught/reported for being drunk on our lakes will be liable for expulsion from the club.