25th june 2021



23rd July 2021



Brian morrell, Phil Hawkins, Mark Chanter, Pete Thompson, Alan Stevens, Gary Beasley, Richard Godward, Steve Manlow and Bill Cox

Apologies, Tom Dolman, Tristan Causer

I,book / membership

Gary said that there were no issues with ibook and membership was currently at 317


Mark gave his financial report

3Work Partys

Gary said there was a tree in danger of falling behind peg 12 at Cadover main lake, he would try and get up there and do it if he could make the time. Tom was not present at the meeting but it was agreed the next work party needs to be at St Germans and it’s on the 7th August, Bill said he would chase Tom for the wood order needed to rebuild the swims and pathways. Alan would do the normal mail drop to members asking for help and Bill would do the FB pages

Friday night coaching

John Thompson has not made the meeting due to working late but has said he will do coaching at Filham for juniors every Friday in August. Bill said he and Steve would be unavailable to help with the first two Fridays as they would be fishing in Wales but would help John for the final 3. John said he will charge a pound to cover bait and would set up all the whips ready each week. Bill has put an announcement on FB and the Ivybridge community site to publicise the sessions.

Lake closures for matches

Paul has asked about closing the lake at Filham for his match competitions and it was pointed out that this would not be possible under the terms of the agreement with ITC. Gary said we could reserve the bivi pegs and still leave enough pegs free to satisfy any day ticket anglers. This could also be done for Johns coarse matches if John gave Gary his preferred pegs.

Opening/closing/renumbering pegs

It was agreed we could now reopen all the pegs closed due to covid now the restrictions were being relaxed. Pete sais a member called Steve Rose had asked if we could take out peg 2 in the carpark lake as it was too close to peg 1 and made it difficult to fish for carp. This was discussed and it was decided to take out pegs 2 and 3 and make them unbookable on ibook. So peg 1 and peg 4 would be bookable but not the 2 in between. 2 and 3 would be left in situ though so anyone fishing in a group could utilise the space if they wished to fish together.


a. Phil said he had updated the information pages of the website and also made it easier to navigate

b. Mark said he had posted the bank statement on the messenger page.

c. Alan said he had studied the new DPA regulations and was happy they did not relate to us.

d. Alan also informed the meeting that the website Castbooker that he updates our information on was still getting up to 20 hits a week.

e. Bill informed the committee that ITC were going to hold there bioblitz net dipping and photography event on the 12th August between midday and 14.00hrs. Mark said he would try to get there if he was not working.

f. Steve said he had heard Plymouth Angling were moving, several on the committee already knew this Bill said he had been told they were going into the old motor accessory’s shop in the foyer of Tesco transit way but it would not be before September.

g. Bill said he would ring the Parkway to explore restarting the real time meetings again.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 19.45 next meeting TBA