Date: - 04.08.22

Chairman opens meeting


1. Read and confirm minutes of the last meeting. (so)

This was done

2. Matters arising. (so)


3. Correspondence. (so)


4. Filham Action Report

Trees been cut back, 3pegs stripped out one replaced. Also a dead goose found on path which Jason disposed of.

5. Cadover Action report

6. Mark said he and Rob had removed the tree from the island and also cut back some other vegetation.

7. St Germans Action report

Tom said that he had completed pegs 12 and 13 and repaired the steps still need to do peg one but materials are a bit tight, he said he will do what he can but may need to purchase more materials this was agreed.

8. Treasurers report. (so)>/P>

Mark said he couldn’t really furnish a report as the books were still with the auditor, however the loan details Bill had furnished him were now with the auditor so it should be signed off soon and a report will be available at the next meeting.

9. Financial audit update

As stated above the audit is now pretty much complete as we were only waiting on the loan details. Mark will furnish the completed audit shortly.

10. i-book update / membership update. (so)

i-book working well and new members still joining.

11. Treasurers post going forward.

It was agreed that Mark step down as treasurer next year as he felt he was better suited to the head bailiffs job at Cadover being that he was up there so much. Steve Manlow has agreed to take over from next year and Mark will show him the systems and forms he uses as well as being on call to help with any difficulties.

12. Memorial Bench and plaques update.

This is still ongoing with Richard trying to tie down the council.

13. Junior Coaching update.

This is going well averaging 10 attendees each week, Phil helping out and Steve will once holidays allow. Next year we really need to try and train some more coaches.

14. Match secretary’s report. (so)

Cadover 12th June.. 1st John West, 2nd Chris Morris, 3rd Alan Taylor

Cadover 10th July…1st Chis Morris, 2nd Dave Barnes, 3rd John Thompson

Filham 3rd July… 1st Bill Crossman, 2nd Graham Johnson, 3rd Richard Edgecombe

Milemead 24th July 1st John Rowe, 2nd John West, 3rd Bil Crosman

Wed evening league is now completed and was won by John West.

15. Specimen officers report. (so)

Nothing reported

16. Bailiffs reports. (so)

Cadover ……Fishing really well but water still low and falling. Camera is now repaired and up and running. Toilet still not being pumped on occasions.

Filham…….Fishing well for all species, good silvers and tench showing as well as good carp

St Germans……Water down as is usual this time of year but some odd fish still coming out, weed still an issue. Bill to try and arrange a meeting with land agents re the lease next year.

17. Next Work Party.

6th August, Jason will do some of the work needed on the filham peg renewals and prep work to be done at Caddover as discussed, Tom will get materials to build a platform to keep plugs wet and safe and bailiffs will liaise with him on what else is needed.

18. A.O.B

1. Bill said the plants would be delivered on the 2nd of sept and needed to go in on the 3rd and possibly 4th of sept. As discussed the Cadover planted pallets will be installed in the waters edge but will need to be shifted upwards as the water rises back to its normal levels.

2. Phil said he would stay overnight at Cadover on fri 2nd sept to prevent cattle and or people interfering with the plant delivery..

3. Bill said he would update all as and when he had firm news on delivery such as times and which venue would be first.

4. Bill said he would ring Richard Eastman re the leak test trench.

5. Mark asked if anyone knew why Ben was not doing the bailiffs job properly at Cadover, it was thought it was down to pressure of work but we would contact him for an update.

6. John West said he had decided to stand down next year from the match secretary’s job. He felt it was now too much for him to do alone and now that his hoped for successor Nick Newns had left the committee he felt now was the time to go.

7. Tom following on from discussions on the chat page said he had enquired about testing equipment for the lakes and the best option would cost around £1200 this is not an insignificant amount of money and John Thompson said leave a decision til the next meeting and he would contact the EA to see if they could get us a better deal through them.

8. Phil asked if we could get a new chain for the gate at Cadover as the old one is now barely long enough after several lock repairs this year. Mark said he thought he had some chain and would replace it.

9. Richard asked Bill if we could put 2023 fish purchase on the agenda for the next meeting as if we intend to buy the talked about fish for weedy or indeed any other fish we need to order them soon. Bill said he would do this.

Meeting closed at 20.13

Next meeting : - Monday 05th Sept 2022 19.00 hrs at the Parkway social club.