Date: - 04.07.22


1. Matters arrising from last meeting

2. Update on planting

3. Work party dates

4. Urgent work needed

5. Bailiffs reports

6. AOB

Chairman opens meeting

PresentBC, JW, JT, PH, RA, MC, TD, PB, RG, SM, TC

1. Matters arising from last meeting.


2. Updating on planting.

It was diascussed about the planting scheduled to take place on Sat June 11th.

3. Work Party dates.

Agreed we will probably need more then the booked work parties but we would sort out as we need them. Agreed the next one should be at Cadover for back bank and then at St Germans.

4. Urgent work needed.

Some pegs at both Filham and Cadover need to be done asap as they are roped off and out of service. Jason and Tom will do them as and when they can.

5. Bailiffs reports.

Cadover………..Fishing ok fish coming out in numbers

Filham…………..Fishing well for Carp and silver now showing in numbers.

St Germans……Not fishing well and the weed getting out of control.

6. Toilets and Cameras at Cadover.

The toilet at Cadover is now operational again after the recent fouling and no water in tank problem. Bill said we had put Cameras at Cadover after the locks kept being glued. Although expensive they appear to have done the trick as we have had no further instances since they went up.

7. AOB

a. Sarah brought up the fact that Paul Bennett does not attend meetings and had been absent from 5 of the 8 meetings he should have chaired. She proposed a vote of no confidence in him also citing his conduct at the meetings he did attend. This was seconded by Phil. The meeting discussed this at length and Paul admitted he had not been attending as he should but felt he was not given a fair chance from the beginning. He felt that all of his suggestions were talked down and he said he had already more or less decided to step down after the inter club match. He felt that the committee was very clicky and not open to change. The committee had an open vote and all but one voted for the proposal so it was 9 for 1 against and 1 abstention. Bill said to Paul what happens now is up to you, take a few days to decide if you want to carry on but if you do you need to attend regularly and also join in the running of the committee on the chat pages as you don’t do that either choosing to just ghost and not join in.

Meeting closed at 20.38