Date: - 04.04.22

Chairman opens meeting

Apologies AM, SM, JT, BCm.

Committee Members present: -PB, JW, BCrm, RG, JW, PR, AH, SMn, BC, PH, TD


1. Read and confirm minutes of the last meeting. (so)

The minutes of the March meeting were read and deemed correct.

2. Matters arising. (so)

Bill pointed out that we still needed the 3 notice boards and as Nick was going to get them made he suggested that he ask Nick if he had made any progress in this or should we carry on ourselves. Agreed Bill would ring Nick.

3. Filham Action Report

Bill introduced the committee to the action report forms he had been working on, he explained to those who had not seen them before that these were live documents which would be updated as the work was completed and would allow us to keep abreast of what we had done and what needed to be done whilst also allowing the work load to be spread more evenly through the committee. The Filham form showed the items opened already and we would open more as and when we needed them.

4. Cadover Action report

We looked over the Cadover form and it was agreed that we would approach the contractor with regards to rebuilding the bank on the lower lake, it was felt that this was a job we had to have done before June when the plants arrive. Bill would contact the contractor and see what timeline they had available to do the job.

5. St Germans Action report

This too was read through and agreed that we need to progress the work on the far bank asap. Another work party was needed urgently to make a start on this. Some of the timber was still outside the lock up as we could not get it all in, however Tom said he felt it was safe enough.

6. Treasurers report. (so)

In Marks absence Bill read the treasurers report

The report was read and is available to all members on request to the Club Secretary

7. i-book update / membership update. (so)

We have a total of 229 members with another 4 pending due to issues with their joining, Bill will sort these ( these four joined via the tackle shops not ibook.

8. Memorial Bench and plaques

Committee agreed to the quoted price for the plaques and decided to put them on temporary plinths for photos’ before taking them down again until they could be sited on the bench. Richard said he had priced the bench and it would be £350 plus vat, the council will do it for us including siting and fixing the bench for £500 all in. It was agreed we would let the council do the job for us as we already have a packed schedule of jobs to do. Richard said he would speak to the council.

9. Brian Morrell/Alan Stevens Charity weekend.

Everything was in hand for the charity weekend with both matches being well subscribed, Paul said he had managed to source some prizes for the carp match and John Thompson had some free bits to donate as well. All being well we would have a successful couple of days and raise some money for charity in both Alan and Brian’s names.

10. Reinstalling the net at St Germans.

Bill Crossman said he thinks he has found the ideal stuff to use and as it’s a plastic it will not rot, he will update us at the next meeting or before if needed on the chat page.

11. Junior Coaching dates/times.

John Thompson was not at the meeting but all is in hand, John will go down the lock up one Saturday and check out what’s needed and retackle anything we can still use. He is getting some new nets and unhooking mats and asked Bill to remind anybody who wants to help they will need to be dbs checked. The cost is about £25 which the club will pay. The dates start on 24th of June and run for the next 9 Fridays until 19th of August.

12. Match secretary’s report. (so)

Recent match held at St Germans was fished by 5 people none weighed in

At the 6/24hr combined carp match held at Cadover Fred petite won the 6 hour section and Dre Edwards winning the 24hr section.

13. Specimen officers report. (so)

None given

14. Bailiffs reports. (so)

Cadover ……Fishing well for time of year, Weedy especially is being well fished and some lovely tench are coming out. Arnie asked if maybe we could catch a couple of Canadian geese chicks this year and clip their feathers to prevent them flying off in the winter. This would help deter Cormorants in the winter months. A discussion took p[lace but most felt that as we had nothing to lose why not try it but also most felt that the geese are only aggressive to other birds in the spring when there nesting.

Filham…….Fishing really well with reported carp looking really good and putting on weight. Jason said he was talking to a new member who was really made up with the club and he had promised to help out at the work partys.

St Germans……Fishing ok and two low twentys had come out in the last two weeks

15. Next Work Party.

Agreed next work party will be on 1st May at St Germans, Richard will check over the generator and the chop saw and Tom and Ben will sort out repairing one of the boats. Bill Crossman said he will get us some rope to pull the wood across the lake.

16. A.O.B

a. Agreed we would probably need to be doing 1 WP a month through the summer and autumn to achieve the workload we need to do, committee was asked to think of ideas to attract more help from members and report back at the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 21.10

Next meeting : - Monday 09th May 2022 19.00 hrs at the Parkway social club.