6th Dec 2021


1. Agenda

1. Read and confirm minutes of the last meeting.

This was done and deemed to be correct. JT/RG

2. Matters arising.

Item A. Bill said he had spoken to the EA and the fish would be delivered probably in January and he had asked for 200 each of Roach, Bream, Tench, Crucians and Rudd.

Item D. Richard asked for the ok to buy the fish food as discussed at the last meeting, he had spoken to John T’s contact and hac a price. Paul B asked why the price was so different between the two, one being almost twice the price of the other? Richard said the protein content of the foods were much higher in the more expensive one. A discussion took place and eventually it was decided to get 40 bags of the lower priced pellets. Paul said he was available to drive up to North Devon to collect it if he was needed.

Item E. Bill said he had been in touch with Cathy Stevens (Alans widow) and she has promised to give him all the PADCAC files and paperwork she finds when she is up to sorting through it. Bill would then destroy it all as per Data protection protocol.

Item G. Bill said he had printed out the bailiffs duties as he had promised to do and he gave them to the new members of the committee.

Item H. Bill said Peter had asked Mark to give the access link for ibooks peg bookings so they could know who was supposed to be where and when at the lakes. Mark had done this.

3. Correspondence

Paul said he had received a message from ‘A Member’ asking when his facebook ban would be lifted. Bill who is one of the admins on the PADCAC page said the person concerned was banned until the end of the year but should he rejoin next year he would be allowed onto the page. Adding hopefully he will behave himself this time and adhere to the members page rules.

4. Chairmans report.

Paul said he never really had anything to report but asked that we all work together and make 2022 a very successful year in which we got a lot done.

5. Treasurers report.

In Marks absence Bill read out the report that he (Mark) had sent him. Saying we had almost 9k in the bank account, Paypal account 673.94, 515.11 cash which gave us a total of 10,146.70.

6. i-book update / membership update.

Bill said we had 381 members and of these 15 were new 2022 members, bearing in mind we had only been live for 3 days, the shops were now in receipt of the starter packs and hopefully the members would start to re-join in numbers. The chairman said he had been in touch with iBook about being made an admin but had received no reply, Bill said he had been contacted by iBook about this matter and pointed out that the agreement with iBook is that we have only 3 adnins and at present we have 3 admins. However if one of the admins were to leave then Paul was more then welcome to throw his hat into the ring. The Chairman asked Bill if he could find out how many of 2020 members had returned in 2021 in each of the 3 groups i.e. Juniors, Seniors and OAPs and Bill said he would see if this breakdown was possible.

7. Match secretary’s report.

The match secretary gave his report as follows

Winter league match at Cadover on Nov 7th was won by Keith Escott, 2nd John West, 3rd Dicky Billingham.

Winter league 2 was held at Milemead on 14th Nov results were 1st John Moore, 2nd John Rowe, 3rd Paul Bennett

Winter league 3 held at Filham on 28th Nov results were 1st Keith Escott, 2nd Dicky Billingham, 3rd Richard Edgecombe.

Winter league 4 held at Milemead on 5th Dec 1st John Rowe, 2nd Andrew Mitchell, 3rd Pat Whymer.

Carp secretary said he had no matches to report but he did say that next year there would be a full set of matches/competitions and the person with the highest combined weight at the end would receive the Carp Cup.

8. Specimen officers report.

None given.

9. Bailiffs reports.

Cadover ……Still people fishing in good numbers fishing slow but good fish still coming out sporadically.

Filham…….Still a few fishing not much coming out, Pat said he would also start checking at Filham as he lived nearby.

St Germans……Not many fishing but all well at the moment weed died back

10. 2022 Starter packs.

Bill said the Starter packs had been printed and delivered to the shops. Plymouth Angling would also sell them from 7th January once they moved into their new shop at Tesco concourse transit way.

11. Next Work Party.

Next planned work party was on the 19th March 2022 but we may need one before then possibly at St Germans re the fish refuges.

12. St Germans refuge plan proposal update. (Tom)

Tom said he had priced up the materials to make the fish refuges and it worked out at about 180 quid for 7 refuges, we could always add more if needed. The cost being very low most agreed it was a good idea to proceed the chairman called a vote and it was carried 9 votes to 1 in favour. Also agreed to go with the mannequin out in the water on small platforms idea and John T said he would be able to get some mannequins’ in the new year.

13. Milemead fish placement..

A discussion took place about the Milemead fish placement and it was again decided to defer a decision until after the netting of Filham. Richard asked do we pay the 1,800pounds to have it netted and the committee voted unanimously in favour. Once filham was netted and we knew what was in there we would know if there was room to put the Milemead fish in there or not.

14. A.O.B

a. Pat said why was Weedy closed to booking as several of the pegs were fishable despite the ropes. Bill said it was only closed because that’s what we had always done but if the committee wanted we could open up any usable pegs. It was agreed to make a list of usable pegs and let Bill know so we could open them on iBook

b. John Thompson said he was hopeful of getting a lot of help from the AT and the EA this coming year and hoped to organise some AT coaching events on club waters.

c. John T said he had a chance of getting some mannequins for st Germans but it would mean driving up country so he would fit it in around his job.

d. John T also asked Bill if he could put a notice on the FB and website about members being respectful to shop staff and owners when buying Starter packs and tackle and bait. The shops get nothing out of selling our books for us and we really need to support them going forward.

e. John T also pointed out that if members take their books with them and point out to the shops that the club are Angling Trust members they could get 10%discount at Go Outdoors and Angling Direct.

f. Bill proposed that Gary Beasley got a free membership for continuing to be the lead admin on iBook this was seconded by John T and carried unanimously

g. Paul pointed out that the clubs website has not been updated to show the new prices for 2022. Bill said Phil had only just got back from two weeks visiting family up country, but he would ring him and get him to do it.

h. Tom proposed and Paul R sec that Ben Couchman be co-opted on the committee as a bailiff, this was agreed unanimously.

Meeting closed at 20.51

Next meeting : - Monday 10th January 2022 19.00 hrs at the Parkway social club.