1. Agenda

Chairman opens meeting In the absence of the Chairman Phil was nominated to chair the meeting.

Apologies PB, AM, JT, SM

Committee Members present: - BCmn, PR, NN, JW, RG, JWk, TD, PH, SM, MCzoom, TCzoom, BC

Members present: - Kevin Ransley, Arnie Harrison


1.Read and confirm minutes of the last meeting.

The minutes were read and deemed to be correct. PR/SM

2. Matters arising.

John West asked Bill if he had got anywhere with where and how much it would cost to send some fish for testing, John has a chance of getting some fish from a source in Cornwall which would need to be health checked if we got them. Bill said he had spoken to Mike Holland from the EA and he would forward his email detailing the procedure to John so he could progress it further.

3. Correspondence.

The secretary read three letters he had received, two were resignation letters from Pete Thompson and Pat Whymer, the third was better news, the EA have offered us 2,400 fish for Filham, they will be delivered in the next couple of weeks and will be 1800 Bream, 300 Tench and 300 Crucians.

4. Treasurers report.

Mark was absent from the meeting due to covid related issues but was present via zoom to answer any questions. Bill circulated copies of the treasurers report and read it to the meeting. We have £13,731.50 in the Lloyds account £485.11 in cash giving us a total of £14,216.61. On the face of it that sounds a lot but when you factor in fixed costs and money already earmarked to pay for the Milemead fish we actually have less than half that amount.

5. i-book update / membership update.

ibook appears to be operating well with no major issues, isolated instances of members or prospective members struggling but Mark and Bill usually sort it out quickly. John West asked how many members we have and after a checking Mark came back with 286. Nick Newns asked how that compared with last year, Bill said it was on a par with last year and if nothing untoward happens like another lockdown then we should maintain our membership levels.

6. Milemead fish stocking.

Considering what we now know about Filham stocks and the EA fish already promised for there most in the meeting felt the fish could only really go into St Germans. Bill said that now the fish refuges had gone in and we were intending to reinstate the net by the reeds that St Germans with its plentiful supply of natural food was the ideal venue. Richard proposed that the fish go to St Germans as was originally planned, Jason seconded the motion and when the acting Chair called the vote it was carried 9 for 1 against.

7. Grant application update.

Bill updated the meeting on the grant applications he had submitted outlining what each project was and how much individually and collectively he had asked for.

Cadover Main £ 7,000

St Germans £ 5,150.00

Filham Park £ 10,365

Lower Lake £ 6,229.50

Altogether more then £ 28,000

It was very unlikely we could get anywhere near this amount but hopefully we will get some of it. Bill said he would put a detailed account on the committee chat pages.

8. Match secretary’s report.

Winter match 5 Milemead… 02 Jan 1st Bill Crossman, 2nd John Moore, 3rd Keith Escote

Winter match 6 Filham Park… 16 Jan… 1st Dicky Billingham, 2nd John Moore, 3rd John West

Winter match 7 Milemead…06 Feb 1st John Moore, 2nd Chris Morris, 3rd John West

Carp Match 21st/22nd January St Germans, no one caught so prize money rolls onto the next comp at Lower lake Cadover on the 19th /20th Feb.

9. Specimen officers report.

None given

10. Bailiffs reports.

Cadover ……None given

Filham……. Some carp coming out, Richard said he will need to get some more food.

St Germans……Not much coming our or many fishing, water gin clear, Refuges been put in and some fish from the EA stocked.

11. Next Work Party

Next work party will be on the 19th March at St Germans

12. A.O.B

a. Bill proposed Arnie as head bailiff for Cadover seconded by Phil. This was carried unanimously.

b. Bill again brought up the £500 earmarked for weedy at Cadover, since we now have decided that crucians are too expensive and hard to get plus they seem very susceptible to poor water and struggle to survive the acidic water at Cadover, will we get Tench instead? as was hinted at during an earlier meeting. This was discussed and we agreed Richard to get 8”to10” Tench to be stocked into Weedy. Richard said he would do this.

c. Ben asked why we use wood to do the swims and walkways and not composite board made from recycled plastic. Bill said we had discussed this before in the past but price was always a problem when compared with wood. However if over the years price had indeed dropped then when we find out how much money we have to play with we could look at it again.

d. Nick said why didn’t we get some branded clothing to sell to our members? It was pointed out that we had tried this a couple of times in the past but we always ended up being stuck with unsold stock and lost money. Nick said that modern printing methods now days meant that there was no minimum order to buy and it was quite cheap. Once the design was on the system members could just go and buy whatever they wanted. He said he would get more details.|

e. Nick also asked would it be an idea to organise a mini bus for those interested in going to the go fishing show? It was agreed that Richard would work out a cost and let Nick know.

f. Paul said he had advertised his carp matches on other carp sites! Was this ok? He pointed out that the posters always stated thet it was open to members only. It was agreed this was not a problem.

g. Lastly it was pointed out that the handrail leading down to peg 4 at cadover car park lake was unsafe and needs repairing. This was noted.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.53

Next meeting : - Monday 07th March 2022 19.00 hrs at the Parkway social club.