7th March 2022

Chairman opens meeting

Apologies NN, AM Committee Members present: -


1. Read and confirm minutes of the last meeting. (so)

This was done and deemed to be correct RG/PR

2. Matters arising. (so)

Following the reading of Pats resignation letter Bill proposed that John Thompson be elected as vice chair, This was carried unanimously

3. Correspondence. (so)


4. Tony Hood

Tony Hood had attended the meeting to address the meeting with a view to getting his membership rights reinstated. Bill was asked to explain the events that led to his ban back in 2008, afterwards Tony was asked to explain to the committee why he thought he should be readmitted, he was asked to stick to his request and why he thought the original ban was unfair. Unfortunately, he could not stick to the matter in hand and kept demanding to be reinstated as head bailiff and telling us how the fish were being stolen and how he was working with the police to catch the thieves. Despite being dragged back to the relevant discussion several times he continued in his own vein and got increasingly agitated and aggressive in his manner, despite the chairman asking him several times to stop shouting and swearing he couldn’t. Eventually he was asked to go outside so we could vote on his request to return to the club, he kept saying he was not finished and would not go out so eventually he was politely but firmly escorted from the room. When the chairman called the vote it was decided by 12 votes to 1 to turn down his request to overturn the ban.

5. Treasurers report. (so)

Bill read a report from Mark who was not at the meeting and told the committee that the report is available to members on request to the club secretary

6. i-book update / membership update. (so)

Bill updated the meeting on ibook, no problems and everything working ok.

7. Fish stocking and Tench update

We had a discussion about the Tench for weedy, Richard said that we had missed the boat this year and would likely have to wait until at least late sept/ Oct to get what we wanted. It was decided to defer the exact size of the order until the July meeting when we would decide how much to spend and on what size and number of fish for Richard to order in August.

8. Brian Morrell/Alan Stevens Charity weekend.

The charity weekend in memory of Brian and Alan will be held on the 9th and 10th of April. John Thopmpson is organising the trophys, Richard is finding out about the seat and Paul Reed is sorting the plaques. Richard will speak to the council and report back at the April meeting.Johns match willm charge £5 entry which will go to the charity and Pauls match will be donations.

9. Reinstalling the net at St Germans.

Agreed net will go about 6to8 feet back from the edge of the reeds, Approx 100mtrs needed, Bill Crossman thinks he may be able to get it, he will report back at the next meeting.

10. Junior Coaching dates/times.

Coaching will run every Friday from 24th June until the 19th August, only charge will be £1 to covert bait. John said he hoped to run a bronze, silver and gold scheme to encourtage the kids to come every week with free whips and end tackle for those who sign up and complete the scheme. Helpers will need to be DBS checked this will cost £23 which the club will cover.

11. Club Merchandise.

Paul Reed showed the committee some car stickers, cups and coasters he has had made with the clubs logo on Bill asked him to take pictures of the items and supply a price list and we would see about offering them for sale to the members. Also to liaise with Nick and see where he had got with the clothing.

12. Match secretary’s report. (so)

Last winter league match was fished on sun 6th March 1st Kieth Escote, 2nd Chris Morris, 3rd Richard Edgecombe.

Final standings in the league was 1st and winner John Moore, 2nd and runner up was Keith Escote, and 3rd was Dicky Billingham.

The Carp pairs match fished in very rough weather on the bottom lake Cadover was won by Paul Reed and Ben Couchman. Nobody else caught.

13. Specimen officers report. (so)

None given

14. Bailiffs reports. (so)

Cadover ……Fishing poorly due to time of year and weather though members still fishing in good numbers Arnie was worried about the state of the steps leading up from the west end of the main lake and suggested we close them. Bill said he agreed to a point and we should at least temporarely close them until they could be repaired and a better hand rail put in place, Vote was called and passed by 10 votes to 1 with 2 abstentions.

Filham…….Fishing well and carp coming out, Wwe need to decide where the plants are going to go when they arrive in June. Richard also said a new club had taken over the river stretch of the Erme we were interested in getting ourselves.

St Germans……Not many fishing , water levels high. Wood been ordered for platforms and paths on the far side in the woods.

15. Next Work Party.

This was planned for 19th March at st Germans, we aim to clear up and cut back where we can and hopefully if the wood arrives on the same day stack it all into the lock up. Phil will put out notice on the website and Bill will put it on the FB pages.

16. A.O.B

a. Notice boards were again brought up, we need three new boards one at each venue. Ideal size would be 30” by 20” and will need to be weatherproofed in some way. Nick said at a previous meeting that duraboard may be an option but that he could probably get them made whatever the material we decided on. Bill said he will speak to Nick and find out if he had progressed this.

b. Bill was asked about an access and safety audit carried out at Cadover some years ago, he said he would try and find it and share it with the committee.

c. Ben said he would try and get the individual piece parts for the swims priced up in reconstituted plastic so we could see if it was feasible.

d. Paul asked if he could run a free share raffle on the FB page to promote the club. This was agreed unanimously

e. Could Bill Crossman be added to the chat page, the secretary said he would do this.

Meeting closed at 21.27

Next meeting : - Monday 04th April 2022 19.00 hrs at the Parkway social club.