Data Privacy Policy

1. It is one of the requirements of membership that each applicant completes, in full, the club’s membership application form either manually or on-line and by doing so PADCAC and its Data Processor are given “Consent” by the member for the retention and processing of the details provided.

2. The information provided by the members application will only be used to assist the club’s committee in the management and administration of the club’s activities and will only be shared with the clubs Data Processor, their Data Privacy Statement can be found at .

3. In addition to each member’s completed application form the data is also stored on secure electronic databases.

4. Personal information held is restricted to that which is provided by the member or in copies of any retained communication between parties.

5. You have the right to revoke your “Consent” at any time, if you exercise this right then you will have deemed to have resigned from the club, as we will be unable to include you on the club’s membership list, and you must return any membership book and any membership confirmation documents to the membership secretary.

6. Any member whom during the current membership year resigns from the club and has returned any membership book and any membership confirmation documents to the membership secretary can request their record on the electronic membership databases to be deleted and their original application form(s) be shredded.

7. Personal information on the electronic membership databases for current and past members will be retained for the current membership year and subsequent years to facilitate the validation of a previous year’s membership and for the club to be able to communicate with current and recent past members.

8. The original application forms will be retained for a maximum of two complete membership years after which they will be shredded.

9. Any retained inactive correspondence between the club and a member will be shredded after two further complete club membership years.

10. A member can at any time request a copy of any of their membership application forms held by the club or a print of their record from the electronic databases, these will only be sent to the postal address held by the club prior to the request.

11. No club member under the age of thirteen can join the Facebook PADCAC Members Page.

12. The membership secretary at is your first point of contact for queries or concerns about the accuracy, privacy or processing of your individual membership details, for their name and telephone number see the club documentation.

13. If you feel concerns you have raised about the accuracy, privacy or processing of your personal data have not been addressed to your satisfaction by the membership secretary then you can contact the club secretary or any committee member, for their names and telephone numbers see your club handbook, you also have the right to contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

14. PADCAC reserves the right to amend its privacy statement at any time, any revised policy will be posted on the PADCAC Facebook Pages.

PADCAC Management Committee